Sunday, July 17, 2016

SSKC16 Schedule

SSKC16 Schedule

Friday, August 5th

7:00pm - 10:00pm
Pre-Party Packet Pickup
Bier Station - 120 E Gregory Blvd - Kansas City, MO 64114
Pick up packets, sign waivers and drink delicious beer.  Packets will have t-shirt, your race number, twist ties, SSKC stickers and probably some other cool stuff.

Saturday, August 6th

Swope Park Mountain Bike Trails - 6000 Oakwood Road - Kansas City, MO
Race begins promptly at 9 because it's going to be hot.  Anybody who missed the pre-party can pick up their stuff beginning at 7am at Swope.  There will be donuts and coffee from Maps Coffee.

Awards, Afterparty, Food, Beer, Hugs
Food will be served shortly after the race is over.  Chicken & Waffles from Pot Pie.  Kegs from New Belgium tapped shortly after that.  There will probably be freezy pops too because freezy pops rule.

Oddity Cycles Pirate Skills Course
Burnsey will have another course set up.  Be the fastest and win some neat custom stuff from Oddity Cycles.

8 Lumens Feats of Bullshit
Do weird stuff to win swag and gain respect from your newly made friends.  Maybe some knit coozies, maybe a hat, maybe bike parts.  Who knows.

Go home.  Or if you're camping, don't go anywhere.  There might be some after-after parties at bars around the city, but we aren't doing anything official.  More details day of race.

Sunday, August 7th

Dirt Church
Blue River Parkway Trails - 850 East Blue Ridge Blvd - Kansas City, MO 64146
Beermosas and riding slowly on sweet singletrack.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016




Monday, February 29, 2016


Registration opens tomorrow at 8AM central time.

Here's a bunch of stuff you might like to know about Single Speed Kansas City 2016:


Swope again.  This time with the new Phase 6 trails open.  These trails kick ass even in their unfinished state. so I can imagine they will kick even more ass when they are trimmed and beat down.  Use 6599 Oakwood Drive on your GPS to find the trails.


August 6th 2016.  Race time at 10AM.  Skills course and party times before, during and after.

August 20th is the rain date.


No license is required.  Entry fee is $50.  What you get for $50:

-Preparty on the Friday before.  Worst case is heavity discounted beer.  Hopefully free beer.
-Race entry
-T-shirt & swagbag
-2 nights of camping at Swope Park
-More free beer at race venue
-Freezy Pops
-Sweaty hugs

You can get a refund if you bail before June 1st.  You may transfer your entry to someone else if you do so before July 1st.  After that, the roster is set and may not be fuckered with.


Two nights of camping are included in the registration fee.  Tent camping only, no RVs or trailers please, there is limited space for parking at Swope.


Skills course will be back thanks to Oddity Cycles.  Bike polo.  Probably a slip n slide.  Ball pit?  Another hot wing contest where Thad almost dies?


Many more details to come in the near future.  Do not fear this race.  Come try to slay against some of the fastest dudes in the Midwest.  Or come do a lap and drink some boxed wine in the woods.  Or come heckle with a super soaker.  Make SSKC16 what you want it to be.  Follow your dreams.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Here are some details that you might need to know:

Swope trails are at the intersection of Oldham Rd and Oakwood Rd in Kansas City, Missouri.  6922 Oakwood Rd.  seems to work for GPS purposes.  You will see a “Camp Lake At The Woods” sign at the entrance.  Head past the open gates and up the hill.  Registration, start, finish and party zone will all be in the general area of the Hogan building. At the top of the hill.

There will be parking at the top near registration/start/finish.  Be mindful of your parking!  There will be limited space so don’t park like a jackass.  Also, because of the limited space, please leave your trailers and RVs at home for this event.  There is additional parking at the Camp Lake of the Woods entrance at the bottom of the hill, but this should only be used if parking is full at the top.

Registration is completely closed.  There will be no on-site registration.  Please don’t ask us if you can sneak in your buddies at the last second.  We will say no and it will be awkward.

There are available water spigots at the park that anyone can use.  You will need to supply your own ice.

We will be supplying donuts on Saturday morning, and something to soak up the booze in the afternoon.  Maybe pizza, maybe some sort of meat.  We aren’t sure, but feel free to bring your own food and grills if you don’t want to rely on us.

New Belgium taps the kegs at 2:30pm.  If you want beer before this, you’ll need to bring your own.

For those who have signed up for camping, you are welcome any time Friday or Saturday to come and set up your campsites.  Camp at the top of the hill, wherever you want.  There will be plenty of space to set up, and maybe even some primitive cabins opened for use.  The gate will be closing at dusk, but there will be an alternate gate opened that you can enter and leave through.  The road is a one way only, so please use caution while driving the wrong way up this street.


7:00pm – Early packet pickup and pre-party at Grinder’s Pizza - 417 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108.  Oskar Blues will have $2 pints for all registered racers.
10:30pm – Urban group rides around downtown KC.  Bring blinkies.

8:00am – Packet pickup, donuts, coffee and morning farts.
10:00am – Race begins
2:00pm – Everyone is hopefully done racing by then
2:30pm – New Belgium taps the kegs
3:00pm – 8Lumens Feats of Bullshit.  Fun challenges with chances to win prizes and make an ass of yourself
3:30pm – Pirate CXC Short Track Races presented by Oddity Cycles
4:00pm – Podiums, prizes, hugs
6:00pm – Afterparty at Bier Station - 120 E Gregory Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64114 – We encourage you to group ride with us from the trails to Bier Station.  About a 2 mile ride.

9:00am – Dirt Church at Wyandotte County Lake.  Park at Shelter 9.
2:00pm-ish – Go home.  Dwell on the shame of what you did the night before.

Our stoke level is high.  See you soon!

Friday, May 15, 2015



Registration was closed but due to increased demand, we are opening up 20 extra spots tonight at midnight.  After this, we go to a waiting list.  Get your life together and register!


We are offering full refunds for folks who find out they cannot make it up until June 1st.  After June 1st, there will be no refunds.  We will send you a t-shirt and some swag, and thank you for your donation to the KC trails.  We apologize if this hurts your butt, but by then your registration money will already be going towards permits, insurance, t-shirts, kazoos, questionable porn, etc.


In case mother nature decides to be a dick, we have a rain date set for August 15th.  If both August 1st and August 15th get rained out, then we will have a gigantic pub crawl in the rain while we show you the city.

There will not be refunds if we get double screwed on the main date and rain date.  Again, your money will go to the trails, and you'll still get some cool shit in the mail.


There will be camping available at Swope Park on Friday night July 31st and Saturday night August 1st.  Camping will be primitive, with toilets only and presumably no hookups.  Space will probably be limited so we'd appreciate you leaving your RVs and huge trailers at home.  Camping is included in your race fees.  Please familiarize yourself with Swope Park before you decide to camp.


The more spectators, the better.  Everyone's invited to come out.  Bring your fold out chairs and coolers.  Swope Park is beautiful and has many spots ripe for hanging out and doing beer/bacon handups.  So invite your friends and loved ones.


1st place men's
1st place women's
Heaviest bike
The Joel Dyke Award (first to finish in speedo)
Best costume
Worst haircut

Thursday, March 19, 2015


This is the official blog of Single Speed Kansas City.

-The race will be at The Swope Park Mountain Bike Trails, which are easily Google-able and will be easy to find for most of you.  If you're too stupid to use Google, thats OK buddy.  We will be posting a detailed map and directions here in the near future.

-The race is on August 1st.  We also have a rain date reserved for August 15th in case we get dumped on.  If we decide to postpone until the 15th we will try to give you as much notice as possible, but you know how that goes.

-Race time will be 10am.  It may be moved earlier if it's supposed to be ridiculously hot, which it certainly might be.

-Registration opens up tonight at midnight.  CLICK HERE FOR BIKEREG PAGE.  $35 gets you a race entry, a SSKC15 t-shirt and probably some free New Belgium beer.

-Pre-party and packet pickup will be on Friday night, July 31st, and will more than likely be at Grinders in the Crossroads district.  They have a huge back patio with room for bike parking, good beer selection, awesome food and horrible service.  Urban rides, both of the pavement and singletrack variety will leave from there, or you can just hang out and get drunk/fat with us.

-Swope Park has around 15 miles of trails.  We will more than likely have all racers do two laps.

-After party at the Bier Station, which is very close to the trails.  Short pours, pinkies out.

-Singlespeed mountain bikes only.  One gear.  If you bring your geared bike, we will convert it for you.  We will do a bad job because we are shitty mechanics, and your chain will definitely fail mid-race.

-Costumes are encouraged.  Fun is encouraged.  Encouragement is encouraged.

Thats it for now.  Lots more info to come in the future.  Thad's in love with the coco.