Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SSKC17 - Info dump

We are slowly getting our poop in a group over here at the SSKC headquarters and things are starting to fall in place.  Here are some things you'll need to know, some things you might like to know and surely a few things you never wanted to know.


Capped at 150 spots.  I think there are 120 registered riders so far.  THERE WILL BE NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION.  The roster is set a week before race day and is not to be fucked with.  Click here to register ---->


Kansas City trails have lots of dirt that gets wet and ruined easily.  If the trails are wet, the race will be cancelled.  There will be no rain date this year.  If it rains the night before and everyone is already in town and ready to ride/party, then we will do a big unofficial race/group ride on gravel and bum trails or something.  No refunds will be given in case of a rain-out and all money not already allocated for race stuff will be donated to Urban Trail Co.


If you find out you cant make it or that you just hate us too much to attend, you have up until June 1st to get your money back.  Between June 1st and July 1st, you may only transfer your entry to someone else.  After July 1st, you may do nothing but feel regret about what could have been.


Will be BBQ of sorts because Kansas City.  Included with race entry.  Probably some sort of veggie option too I imagine.

None this year.  Might look into host houses if there is enough demand.  If you need assistance finding somewhere to stay holler at us.


Preparty will be centralized around the West 39th Street District.  You can pick up your registration packet at one of the bars, then feel free to hang out, get food from one of many restaurants, drink at another bar, go ride singletrack down the road or all of the above.  For those who cant make it out Friday night, your registration can be picked up between 8AM and 10AM day of race.

That's all I can think of for now.  Bye.


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