Monday, February 29, 2016


Registration opens tomorrow at 8AM central time.

Here's a bunch of stuff you might like to know about Single Speed Kansas City 2016:


Swope again.  This time with the new Phase 6 trails open.  These trails kick ass even in their unfinished state. so I can imagine they will kick even more ass when they are trimmed and beat down.  Use 6599 Oakwood Drive on your GPS to find the trails.


August 6th 2016.  Race time at 10AM.  Skills course and party times before, during and after.

August 20th is the rain date.


No license is required.  Entry fee is $50.  What you get for $50:

-Preparty on the Friday before.  Worst case is heavity discounted beer.  Hopefully free beer.
-Race entry
-T-shirt & swagbag
-2 nights of camping at Swope Park
-More free beer at race venue
-Freezy Pops
-Sweaty hugs

You can get a refund if you bail before June 1st.  You may transfer your entry to someone else if you do so before July 1st.  After that, the roster is set and may not be fuckered with.


Two nights of camping are included in the registration fee.  Tent camping only, no RVs or trailers please, there is limited space for parking at Swope.


Skills course will be back thanks to Oddity Cycles.  Bike polo.  Probably a slip n slide.  Ball pit?  Another hot wing contest where Thad almost dies?


Many more details to come in the near future.  Do not fear this race.  Come try to slay against some of the fastest dudes in the Midwest.  Or come do a lap and drink some boxed wine in the woods.  Or come heckle with a super soaker.  Make SSKC16 what you want it to be.  Follow your dreams.


  1. So much fun last year! If you don't dress up you will be heckled until you want to cry.

  2. A few of my SS teammates dressed up and rode at this event last year and loved it! I work for a local custom award shop, check us out at I've got an idea for some awards with a BBQ and Beer theme. Email me at or call me at 214.205.4205 to chat.

    Thanks and all the best for this year's event!

  3. The food was always great, I think they just updated their menu and it's off the hook. Who would expect delicious pizza at such big events. Not me, but you can get some of the best pizza at venues in NYC. The best place in this area.