Thursday, March 19, 2015


This is the official blog of Single Speed Kansas City.

-The race will be at The Swope Park Mountain Bike Trails, which are easily Google-able and will be easy to find for most of you.  If you're too stupid to use Google, thats OK buddy.  We will be posting a detailed map and directions here in the near future.

-The race is on August 1st.  We also have a rain date reserved for August 15th in case we get dumped on.  If we decide to postpone until the 15th we will try to give you as much notice as possible, but you know how that goes.

-Race time will be 10am.  It may be moved earlier if it's supposed to be ridiculously hot, which it certainly might be.

-Registration opens up tonight at midnight.  CLICK HERE FOR BIKEREG PAGE.  $35 gets you a race entry, a SSKC15 t-shirt and probably some free New Belgium beer.

-Pre-party and packet pickup will be on Friday night, July 31st, and will more than likely be at Grinders in the Crossroads district.  They have a huge back patio with room for bike parking, good beer selection, awesome food and horrible service.  Urban rides, both of the pavement and singletrack variety will leave from there, or you can just hang out and get drunk/fat with us.

-Swope Park has around 15 miles of trails.  We will more than likely have all racers do two laps.

-After party at the Bier Station, which is very close to the trails.  Short pours, pinkies out.

-Singlespeed mountain bikes only.  One gear.  If you bring your geared bike, we will convert it for you.  We will do a bad job because we are shitty mechanics, and your chain will definitely fail mid-race.

-Costumes are encouraged.  Fun is encouraged.  Encouragement is encouraged.

Thats it for now.  Lots more info to come in the future.  Thad's in love with the coco.

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